School Facts

Fast Facts
Opening Date : 1986
North Central Accredited School
Mission:  To provide an educational community of excellence
where all belong, all learn and all succeed. (see vision and goals below)
School Mascot : Grizzly
School Colors : Burgundy and Gray
Student Population :  Approximately 480
Staff Size : 79  ( 38 teachers )
38% of staff with master's degree
Outdoor Education Station
Multiple Computers in Classrooms
Every Classroom With Internet Access
Closed Circuit Television (BGIF)
Every Classroom has a Smartboard for instruction.
1 computer lab
8 chromebook carts
1 laptop cart
1 ipad cart 

Engaging all in a safe, student centered, learning community. 

Promote one year's academic growth in all students
Close the achievement gap for all students
Provide a safe and supporting learning Grimes community

School Creed
Today is a new opportunity to learn,
Today I am a ready, respectful and responsible Grimes Leaner,
Today I have the Courage to be all I can be.
School Song
Use your minds every day to get smarter
and learn to write, do math and read
Do your best...GO GRIMES!
Every Test... GO GRIMES!
Always try and you'll succeed!
Use your heart every day to be kinder
And stay in shape from head to toe...
For it's G-R-I-M-E-S
Grizzlies are the very best